§ Kiruhaien (切る廃炎, Japanese for Severing Abolishing Flames) Very similiar to the traditional Haien, this variation increases its heat and power to great heights; releasing it as an oblong arc that is ten times as wide as the norm. it evaporates opponents even before it hits due to its immense heat, it is also rather tiring to caster though and by extension it’s only able to be shoot a set amount of them in battle: The blast is also slower than the normal variant.

§ Haien Rakuen (廃炎楽園, Japanese for Abolishing Flames - Paradise) This shapes the traditional Haien spell into the shape of a Paradise Bird made entirely out of purple spiritual energy, the bird has the same magical qualities as that of a Haien spell, and caster’s capable of altering the number of wings in order to make it move quicker.

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