Hakka Nōryoku (Pairokineshisu)


Ignition Power

Techniques like the Moko Takabisha or the Shishi Hokoudan utilize ones ki to form blasts that are primarily concussive. Pyrokinesis on the other hand is a psionic ability that causes combustion.


From a chemical point of view, fire is simply rapid oxidation. Oxidation for the chemically challenged is the combination of oxygen and another element or molecule into a compound. Fire is the release of heat energy from oxidation when it occurs very rapidly. Rust is also a form of oxidation (iron oxide usually), but it occurs so slowly that no great amount of heat is released.

If you look closely at fire it is really a mechanical process that releases a lot of energy and that energy propagates the same mechanical process in the surrounding matter. Let's say we have a piece of paper. Paper is essentially organic carbon based fibers. In organic matter, everything but the carbon can burn (and at the right temp even carbon combines with oxygen to form carbon dioxide; by the way, CO2 is formed in your body after the cells "combust" but in such minute levels even though it is very hot at the point of the transfer it doesn't set the body on fire spontaneously). When you set the paper on fire, what you are doing from a molecular level is "infecting" it with a mechanical process that forces the molecules of the paper to combine with oxygen and then emit enough heat to break the surrounding molecular bonds and force them to combine with oxygen as well as the carbon (ash) falls to the floor.

Essentially, Pyrokinesis starts a fire without the initial heat. It performs the first part of the chain reaction by instead of forming a concussive blast the psychic localizes the excited particles to a much smaller area. This breaks the bonds of a combustible material and combines them with oxygen. The confined area of effect dramatically increases the temperature which is used to maintain the combustion.

The fire is essentially an extension of the psychic’s body, a reflection of their soul and power, through its connection to their ki. This allows them to also reverse and shut down combustion allowing them to control external fires and to prevent themselves from burning.

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