Spreading Wings Blaze
Hakyuuyokukaen (波及翼火炎, lit. "Wing Spreading Blaze"): The second of Yatagarasu's basic powers, its name is born from its formation, appearing as a phoenix's wings surrounding the wielder, though unlike the name implies they remain closed. The technique is one of Yatagarasu's few defensive powers, as it can be used as a barrier against incoming attacks. The flames interact with the attack in the same manner as Kurumi, though instead of releasing heat, they disintegrate on contact. However the defense is not absolute, as the flames lack a solid form, sufficiently powerful attacks are capable of penetrating through its defenses. This power also is unique in that it can be used offensively as well, by creating a ring surrounding Kurumi and her opponent. The heat generated by the flames are potent enough to cause massive waves of disorienting heat, and quickly eat through the oxygen within the enclosed space; this can quickly lead to exhaustion, even unconciousness. This power can also be used offensively, by generating a swirling aura of fire around Kurumi to constantly act as a both a potent ward, and means of damaging opponents who remain in close-range. Like the Heavenly Body Flare using this power requires no stance, and can be willed into existence either centered around Kurumi or remotely with rapid speed.

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