Also Known As

Sōsai (相殺, lit "mutual cancellation")

Hanki Sōsai

Hanki (反鬼, Reverse Demon) is the technique Jinx used on Killer Croc. Essentially it is Jinx variation of Happosai’s resilience technique. She uses her own energy to nullify the opponent’s attack. This has the side effect of neutralizing the opponents movements as well similar to the Finger Block technique.  Unfortunately Hanki unlike Finger Block doesn’t absorb the excess energy causing it to be redirected downward. To prevent this she will have to hit the attack with the same amount of energy. Since Jinx is far away from the level of skill needed to read energy level of an attack. This technique will either have two little energy and be overpowered though with the chance of weakening the attack or the technique will have too much energy overpowering the attack repeating the falling through the ground incident putting her in danger. 

Jinx has developed a way to get around this weakness by developing a variation of the Kisuru Throw. By wrapping her hex energy around a pipe instead of using her finger Jinx hooks the opponent’s arm or leg redirecting the energy of their attack instead of nullifying it. When combined with her own hex energy allows her to throw them.  

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