Hans Fischbach


Senior Fabrication Technician for Seiran Mountain

Hans Fischbach is a large man, but not heavy set, with a short dark black beard that makes it seem as if his hair had migrated straight from the bald top of his head. His features were craggy, giving him the demeanor of a blacksmith. He was a man known to all present to one degree or another. He worked closely with Mousse in the manufacture of new hidden weapons, and he had been the one who built Kuno's new sword as a pet project. When Ukyou needed to upgrade her battle spatula, he was there for her, and he'd been called on at one time or another to make minor alterations to personal armor when it interfered with the use of certain martial arts techniques.


The outgoing and friendly German transplant was well liked at Seiran, and could be seen supervising maintenance at the Hangar, repairs or new constructions down at the Fab, or making cross disciplinary visits with the pure science techs in the labs. Hans was a world class engineer, and a capable scientist and technician in his own right. 

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