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Happo Dai Karin


Happy’s Big Fire Bomb

The signature technique of Happosai, the lecherous founder of Anything Goes Martial Arts, in it he forms what is effectively a solid ki attack. This takes the form of a large firecracker, and the amount of ki infused into drawing the bomb is proportional to its total explosive potential, which unlike real world explosives, is a quasi-perfect reaction involving the decompression of the stored ki energy. Thus all bomb material is totally consumed, leaving no residue beyond a scattering of carbon ash. This separates it from a simple conventional explosive. Once lit, it is then generally thrown at a target, giving an opponent a chance to dodge, reflect or otherwise knock it away before it explodes. Advanced versions of the technique can also be made to explode on contact/proximity and to be directed primarily in one direction (as opposed to an omni directional spherical explosion).

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