Tough v22 c228-238 (125)
Hard Muscle also known as “Hustle” is a Muscular

Reinforcement drug. It is created by a combination of GDF-8 Blocker and IGF-1 Serum and turns user into the most powerful being on the planet, a perfect “muscular monster”.

Description Edit

Hard Muscle increases the muscle mass of users’ body, allowing him to drastically increase in size and strength almost instantly.

Prototype Edit

Tough v23 c239-249 (149)
The effects of the prototype while great are also

self-destructive as the user has no control over them. User’s resting strength gradually increases, eventually once the skin can no longer grow fast enough and will split apart. Once that happens the serum would move from the muscles into the blood stream and provoke a dilatation of blood vessels and cellular hypertrophy. Eventually muscular explosion will come turning the entire body into one big nightmare.

Hard Muscle MK 2 Edit

The completed version eliminated all of the negative aspects of the negative aspects of the prototype. It keeps the set resting strength limit provided by the GDF-8 Blocker while still allowing user to temporarily increase the muscle mass of his body to impossible levels. Not only does this grant them complete control it also eliminates the dangers of muscular explosion as the muscle mass increase are more localized.

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