Haruko Kiseki


Rasenjou Kyouteki, Gekijōtai





Fighting Style

Sara-mawashi, Ningyoka, Seikatsu Shinsei

Martial Arts Theater’s Gekijōtai, her name is Haruko

Kiseki' (奇跡=晴子, Kiseki Haruko), she is the successor for Sara-mawashi the Rasenjou Kyouteki. She has short blonde hair with earrings on both ears. First shown wearing a small scarf under an unzipped motorbike suit. She along with the other leaders of the five factions were sent to kill the SNDF for dishonoring the Martial Arts Theater school. Haruko has recently begun the Wan'nesu program, and while she is nowhere near being able to achieve her own Personal Reality she has upgraded all her styles to "another dimension".

Techniques Edit

Bunshin is a single-instant multiple-body skill that allows practitioners to create 'clones' of themselves that can move independently but have no physical substance and dissipate when struck. Their primary use seems to be misdirection, the clones are identical to the user of the technique and it is difficult to distinguish real attacks from fake ones. Haruko primarily uses multiple Bunshin clones to disorient and mislead her opponent.

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