Hashiru Yamazaki







Fighting Style

Yamazaki base style brawling (Derived from Ryuuji Yamazaki's self-made style)


Baikaeshi - Double Reflect: Fireball counter in which the energy bolt/projectile is snatched up and thrown back

Hebi Tsukai - Serpent Slash: Powerful long-range backhand/grab attack

Kuroi Shikaeshi - Black Revenge: Paralyzes opponents who strike user directly, leaving them open to counter-attack

Super Combos

Tsuchi Buchikomu - Hammer Drive: Ki-assisted slam attack. Enemy is shoved into the ground with extreme force that can easily shatter concrete

Another son of an infamous pyscho who turned out all right, Hashiru Yamazaki is the bastard son of Ryuuji Yamazaki, who abandoned Hashiru's mother almost immediately after Hashiru's conception. Being that his mother is from a well-off family, Hashiru enjoys a life of affluence, power, and luxury, but constantly feels uneasy because of his origin. To that end, he studied his father's unique fighting style and trained hard, with the ultimate object of finding the elder Yamazaki and killing him. To assist in his training, and to keep busy, he formed Clan Ra, an oddly well-intentioned and well-mannered gang of street thugs and vagrant martial artists, which is identified from their gang symbol, the golden ankh. Hashiru is a famed lecher and playboy, although he's careful not to allow these attitude to go too far where they're not wanted, and oddly feels that he has a strong moral obligation to always dump his current attachment before seducing a new woman.