Hayate Nanoya







Fighting Style

Boxing (unique variant, supposedly of European origin)


Shock Bomb: An area-affect electric burst. Its power is inversely proportional to its radius of effect, so it's most effective if the target is either immobilized or grappling the user

Storm Cutter: A technique for suddenly accelerating forward without using the more conventional method of pushing against something, usually used for extremely high-speed attacks. Can leave the user disoriented as there's usually a disconnect between the brain's perception of movement and the actual movement of the body

Super Combos

Imperial Storm: Full-on lightning barrage. Good for fast-moving or multiple targets

Titan Lance: Devastating focused lightning bolt. Best against immobilized or large foes, or for blowing up walls or vehicles

A curiously androgynous young woman well-acquainted with life in the underground, she works as a bodyguard and right-hand woman for Hairspray, a prominent brothel matron and exiled Chinese Amazon. Despite her fondness for men's clothing and disdain for beauty products and feminine mannerisms, she's quite proud of her gender, and is constantly frustrated by people who can't figure out that she's female. Although a cold mercenary who thinks nothing of using and disposing of human life as necessary, she considers herself a consummate professional who has simply been hardened to life in the shadier trades of Tokyo. She claims her fighting style, which combines electrical powers with crude boxing, comes from an obscure European underground combat school, and calls out her attacks in English.

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