This is the pride of the Tendo School the practitioner turns their inner self into water and reflects the thoughts of their opponent. This isn’t so much a technique as a refinement and strengthening of the sixth Sense that all skilled martial artists are able to develop. The so-called 'Sixth Sense' is really a complex assortment of different functional abilities that all rely upon the mind and spirit linking together.  It is to be aware of the universe outside of ourselves to perceive the flow of psychic currents. The Heart of Water takes this a step further and allows the user to see themselves or others from a narrator's perspective. In the traditional principles of the Anything Goes System you don’t think of anything and only focus of your consciousness. Then you can see your enemies’ attacks. You see yourself, which way your body moves and what you have to do. The enemy’s thoughts betray their intentions. From their all the user has to do is seize the initiative. And take fight to them


This is essentially the 3rd Person Perception Clairvoyance technique.

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