This is Ranma’s version of Happosai’s Finger Block technique. At the moment of impact user bends into the attack like a jack knife and absorbs the kinetic energy. Though with training the technique can be used with just the hand.  At advanced stages Heiki takes the abilities of those that have come into contact with the user and cloaks the user in their power. As opponents attack makes contact all that kinetic energy is funneled into user before being absorbed and reversed sending opponent flying backwards. This is referred to as Kinetic strength. If it was moving, user can make it move faster and in different directions. As long as they are touching it. Increasing the force with which they hurl an object, turning it into a dangerous projectile.[7] If it moves, they can lift it. User can hit with superhuman force by releasing kinetic energy as he throws a punch.[7] It takes considerable spiritual energy, as performing this technique is quite taxing to those t accustomed to its use. Though with skill and training the amount of energy required can be reduced to a sliver at best.

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