Closed Passage

This technique is the complete opposite of Umbura Supatioru in that it condenses the atoms of the body causing it to become extraordinary massive, hardening it so that no attack is capable of harming user. The technique actually enhances the body's durability and strength by several fold because the atoms are so close to each other, they have achieved a 100% packing efficiency, making it seem as though the body is longer comprised of individual reishi atoms, but rather one single spiritual entity.

The use of this technique is noticed by the change in the user's skin color, as the technique causes all parts of the body that the atoms are compacted together to 100% to turn into a midnight purple color. Heitentsūka causes the atoms to become so tightly packed, that their skin becomes hardened enough to do battle with swords and other weapons bare-handed.

Through practice, user can extend their hyper-density to other people and objects, resulting in the other person or object gaining a degree of super strength and durability. This can be used for a variety of different purposes. User can cause objects or people to become so dense that they can no longer move, as long as user establishes physical contact. It can also cause any air user is in contact with (so any air in their environment) to increase in density. If user increases the density of the air enough around another person or object in their environment, then the person or object will be crushed.

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