Hellhounds are a species of demonic canines that are said to serve as guards in the netherworld! Although rather uncommon, hellhounds come in a variety of breeds, just like normal dogs! From imp terriers to Devil Bernards, to the famous Malbolgean shepherd, hellhounds range in size from as small as a melon to as large as an SUV, and there are even short-haired types for those with allergy concerns. Not that hellhounds make good pets, though. Although they take to their jobs with gusto, these monsters are usually very proud and short-tempered. Getting them to accept a master is hard, and even then the beasts' tempers tend to get the better of them.


Combat-wise, hellhounds naturally have a strong fire affinity. All but immune to extreme heat themselves, they spit fireballs at distant enemies, breath streams of flame at short range, and can raise the surrounding temperature significantly by releasing ash from their coats. Their mundane strength varies depending on the size of the hound, but the larger ones have no problem tearing apart foes with their powerful jaws, and hellhound saliva is as hot as molten lead. However aside from brutish strength and having a natural flamethrower, hellhounds can otherwise be pretty clumsy, and their short temper means that they tend to fall for clever monsters' tricks and traps. Even so, it's best not to deal with them unless one absolutely has to.

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