Daimakaichō, First Class Demoness


Urd (Daughter)

Xelloss (Son)

Sherra (Daughter)

Tyr (Ex-Lover)

Ranma Kuramitsu (Lover)

Nabiki Kuramitsu (Lover)

Hild is the leader of Hell; her official title is Daimakaichō (大魔界長, literally translated as Great Demon World Leader). She is, to date, the most powerful demon in Niflheim, although she is currently rivalled by her daughter, the half-demon half-goddess Urd.


Hild or Hildr was originally the Norse Goddess of battle but when Kami-Sama came into power and redid the system Hild was promoted to Daimakaicho. Since Ranma and Nabiki were born on earth both Hild and Kami-Sama became aware of them once the system was established. Hild was the first to establish contact with them one thousand two hundred years ago while they were visiting Earth and enjoying a ceremony celebrating the defeat of some minor demon. Hild offered the two a deal in exchange for guaranteeing that whatever moves they make will not change history as well as informing them on events the system says they must attend or deal with they would allow the New Gods access to the sealed systems. She then took the two as lovers for the night.

Hild later called Ranma to Niflheim both to inform him of his children that their liason produced as well as to ask him to take them to Avalon as they wanted to they wanted to make their own way without family power offering them an easy path.


Hild, at first impression, is a very cheerful and happy-go-lucky person. However, under that exterior, she is very manipulative, calculating and merciless. When she made her deal with Ranma and Nabiki she didn’t tell them that they were meant to go to the past meaning that all changes they make to history was meant to occur.

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