Senryu is a very defensive style, however as time passed the masters of this style have learned that sometimes attacking is the best way to defend himself. In order to deal massive damage, without directly killing someone, the Himai: Tenchishinmei no Mai was created. The Senryu-ka will open his fan and move it around his head once while slowly spinning right. Closing it after he reached the point he started moving he'll then proceed to spin in the other direction, following to jump up at the highest height he can reach, spinning like a top around his own axis. During the whole spinning, the user constantly opens and closes the fan adding circular movements to his hands. The rotation will create a tornado around the Senryu-ka which he will, after touching the ground; he'll make a powerful slash motion with his opened fan, sending the tornado at its way. Using the moves learned in this style, the user can control the path of the tornado; however he needs to concentrate completely on keeping it up.

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