Ju Sang-Sik
Himuro Kyousuke is the major antagonist in Quantum Chaos. He is the head of the Society an organization that wants to usurp the Takayanagi clans position as head of the Rising Phoenix. To accomplish this he kidnapped powerful fighters from the various clans from Japan into a secluded island.


Overall he looks like an old Japanese man complete with a short stature and wrinkled skin. He wears traditional Japanese clothing and has been show to occasionally wear a full body cloak.  He wears a western style hat as well as a pair of simple circular glasses. His hair is pulled back and tied in a long ponytail and he has an unkempt beard that is about as long as his pony tail. 


Over all Himuro is an abrasive individual. When dealing with others he completely ignores formalities, even ones afforded to him, and constantly pushes forward to his goals. His speech is very unkind and he is constantly berating others and swears very often. 

When pursuing a goal he has show to be deeply impatient not accepting any excuses for failure of any kind. He frequently threatens others and expresses his displeasure with violence such as slapping people in the back of the head. 

While his personality is hard and he is often mean to others he does not believe in using underhanded methods. Several times he has scolded subordinates for using underhanded methods.[1] He also seems to miss his time before becoming so well known.


Himuro skills are some of the highest in the world.[4] He is an extremely skilled and powerful martial artist. He is very observant and has show the ability to see through others' plans. While the specifics of his techniques and style are not know he can use a multitude of overwhelming techniques and has been shown to be very fast m and use powerful jumps. Using no particular technique he simultaneously stopped a punch from two vary powerful warriors with one finger each. He can deflect projectile weapons with relative ease.[11] His strength makes him the top fighters known to the Rising Phoenix. As a Grand Master his Ki is of course at a ridiculous level. He has show such a great spirit that his killing intent can cause others bodies to react instinctively. His spirit is even strong enough to stop weaker fighter’s movements.

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