Hippolyta Artemis Kuramitsu


No Need for Destiny








Goddess of the Amazon Nation


Ranma Kuramitsu (father)

Nabiki Kuramitsu (mother)

Hippolyta Artemis Kuramitsu. is the founder and goddess of the Amazons


Hippolyta Artemis Kuramitsu was a present from her parent’s celebration of their fifteen thousandth year of marriage. All Hippolyta wanted in life was a nice cushy office job. While she is skilled in Infinity School, and definitely had the mind for GP work she wanted a stable life, a job where she could enjoy the nightlife. She didn’t want a massive responsibility like her older siblings had, she wanted ... well, middle management. So 2000 years ago when Ranma and Nabiki gave her a simple mission to scan the Earth for any signs of the reborn Court, check for signs of alien influence, make the rounds to the data collection stations that were monitoring development for checkups, and report in. Hippolyta was happy to take it.

While she was required to take a month or two, consulting with locals, uploading the sensor data from the scanning equipment cloaked on and in orbit within the system, and find whatever she could that might have historical value that had been abandoned, so as to archive it. Hippolyta forgot her parents’ main rule: do not get involved. So in trying to help a tribe whose men were all slaughtered in a war Hippolyta ended up becoming the Queen of the Chinese Amazon Nation, as well as several others.

Afraid to tell her parents for three thousand years ago snuck into Sol with her ship, Bukehime and visit ‘her protected children’. She taught them a few things trying to maintain the timeline. She had tried not to interfere too much, lest she change the future and thus change her past. The Amazons kept their traditions for almost three thousand years—despite many of Hippolita’s attempts to reign in some of the more extreme ones. She had succeeded in many points. Strong females weren’t simply brainwashed into the tribe. Males weren’t drugged, bedded, and then tossed in a river. The other two tribes were no longer seen as epic enemies to be slaughtered on sight. Through all this she kept this knowledge from both her siblings and her parents.

During her first pilgrimage after her parents had returned to Earth which made the process more difficult as Sol had more security. When she got there the elders informed Hippolita of Ranma Saotome’s defeat of both the Musk Prince and the Phoenix-child Saffron preyed for her assistance return this powerful male to the tribe. In an effort to by herself some time Hippolita asked to speak to Elder Cologne


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