Flying Dragon Ice Breakthrough (飛龍氷突破 Hiryū Hyō Toppa?) is Ranma's final attack against Saffron, completed with the aid of the latter and the Gekkaja, a powerful artifact that produces a freezing effect. Ranma planned on throwing a whirlwind though a channel of cold air surrounded on both sides by the hot air of Saffron's blasts. The swirl in the middle the whirlwind would become highly concentrated, squeezing the cold spiral into a razor's edge. He was unable to find an opportunity to use the move until Akane Tendo threw her frozen doll form at Saffron, tunneling through his heat and giving a Ranma a small channel of cold air to fire the Hiryū Hyō Tōppa. The refined Hiryū Shōten Ha froze Saffron's lower body into ice which quickly fragmented from his frame, in effect defeating him. The technique works by forcing the cold chi into an enemy's body, which causes their cells to cease and move slowly towards destruction.

Revisions Edit

The Hiryu Hyo Toppa has two main weaknesses the first it that it requires the use of the Gekkaja, while the second is due to the size of Saffron’s blast Ranma wasn’t able to aim which is why he needed Akane’s help. Both these weaknesses have been overcome by jumping into the rift of opponent’s attack in a swirling procession while using the soul of ice, using a fraction of their strength to turn all the energy put into the attack backwards into a narrow twisting blast of spear thick wind. Not only does this eliminate the need to aim but protects the user from attack as well. While this would normally require that opponent’s chi be bigger then opponent’s skilled users are able to push themselves a swirling procession up the channel of hot chi an attack makes. Not only does this allow the Hiryu Hyo Toppa to be used on smaller attacks but multiple ones as well.

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