Hiryu Shöten Ha Kaiteiban: Gedan Rasen


Flying Dragon's Ascension Blast Revised: Horizontal Spiral

In a battle between auras the stronger force subdues the weaker force. Despite this, the weaker force continues to struggle for control in this war of energy and wills. At the exchange of these pressures, there is a point in which potential spirit energy is built up because of this ongoing fight. By striking this point that forms between the user and the opponent's ki with a cold chi powered spiral punch, one may release the trapped energy and fire it as an enormous spiral wave of hot and cold chi. It is considered a dangerous attack because its effectiveness and overall attack strength is derived from the level of both the user and the opponent, varying in proportion as well as in its shape and size. It can be deemed a one-hit kill technique if executed properly and strikes the target head-on, due to the fact that it is just as powerful as the energy being emitted from the target themselves, meaning that regardless of the defenses or the strength they may possess, it is as if they were being struck by their own great power.

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