Hiryu Shöten Ha Kaiteiban: Narumikazuchi (Flying Dragon's Ascension Blast Revised: Roaring Thunder) is an extension of Gedan Rasen. It is based off the ancient story of a warrior who was said to carry a legendary blade. During a storm of tremendous proportions, he sought refuge underneath a tree. However, this was short-lived as a bolt of lightning from the heavens descended and struck the warrior. However, wielding his mighty sword, he cut through the lightning deity's will that lay within the lightning bolt, successfully preventing his inevitable death at the very hands of nature itself. This sword, for accomplishing such a feat, was later renamed from its original name to the name "Raikiri" - meaning lightning cutter. Applying these principles, this technique serves as both a means of offense and defense at the same time. Just as lightning itself serves as an extension of Raijin, the thunder kami, the techniques utilized by an opponent also possess some degree of their will - a fragment, if you will, of their very essence. Spiritual energy, after all, is energy fueled by one's will. The Roaring Thunder technique aims to strike the "heart" of any attack or defense the opponent(s) attempts to employ. By simply striking at the technique, user can dispel it and subsequently render it asunder, regardless of its strength and effect. However, its use does not end here. To strike the heart of a technique is to attack the will of its user. In striking the heart of the technique, it bestows some degree of mental and physical recoil onto the user in question.

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