Ultimate Human Puppet Technique

Hitokugutsu is

an ancient forbidden technique created by a defector of Ningyoka Gein. Since Ningyoka was disguised as a Bunraku it wasn’t unheard of for some You Kinme to augment the marionettes used in the act into dangerous constructs, essentially giving the user another body to fight for them. Gein eventually developed an advanced form of this through constant experimentation with his puppets. The Hitokugutsu allowed him to create puppets from deceased corpses by removing all the internal organs from the body and preserving it in a special liquid to remove decomposition. By adding special weapons and defenses, Gein was able to create very powerful weapons.

However, the practice was deemed controversial and forbid its usage. This caused Gein to defect and become a mercenary becoming obsessed with obtaining beauty through his machines.

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