Ho was a fallen priest worshipping alone in an abandoned shrine in the middle of the wilderness.


Ho wears the clothes of a common monk, but they are a deep black and worn from years of wear and damage. He is also a massive human being, well over six feet tall from his bare feet to his shaved head – his chest is as broad as most men's shoulders.


Ho has been described as the exact opposite of his Amazon wife Balm, who was hyperactive and always trying to busy herself in some affair or another. Whatever faith he clings to, it demands a rigor and self depreciation that even the Amazons would consider half mad. He spends night, and day, sitting under a waterfall rarely even eating.


Ho was a heretical monk, devoted to developing forbidden techniques in the pursuit of his faith. He had been married into the Amazon Tribe thanks to the hard work of Balm. Though he had been a somewhat unique case, as he had been given special permission to leave the village again, with the promise that he would pass on any forbidden techniques he developed in his religious solitude. It was for this reason that his daughter Cologne was eventually sent to retrieve those forbidden techniques.


Ho has mastered the technique of experiencing Enlightenment through his fists reaching it without death and control his reincarnation through martial arts. Ho could spend days at a time in a meditative position, though it was usually outside, and not in his one-room temple shrine. Often when he was in doors, he would bring an object with him, and he would contemplate it for hours on end.

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