Hole Nine Heaven's Door

Parent technique

Flame road



Every single run of the regalia, your comrades’ souls, and the memories of all the roads they ran in the past. This technique allows them to transcended time and come to teach you. The secret of flame road is that it is the key to unlocking the sky road. This technique enables user to use whatever technique other fighters have used perfectly. It is said that a war master is like being a Lore Master only the craft of War is what you specialize in. Lore mastery is based on Cognizance the ability to perceive people/objects through knowledge/thought. However this technique is based on perception. Instead of spiritually connecting to the akashic field like the lore master user resonates with the spirit of the world and by opening their eyes and ears user can produce the same effect. This is referred to as opponent the door. People are troubled by great difficulties because they do not know how to overcome them. In other words, if someone were to teach them, difficulties can be conquered with techniques. Inexperience in techniques can be conquered with experience. And lack of experience can be overcome by looking for the people who have walked down the path before you. Only those who are no longer troubled by great difficulties are able to use this technique perfectly, otherwise the up rise of energy can easily burn them from the inside out severely damaging their body in the process. However Hole Nine Heaven's is a lot more limited when compared to a lore master. While the rider gains a complete knowledge of opponent, in relation to themselves the technique looks more like total recall. Yes user gains perfect knowledge of fighting techniques but only from people they have actually met even if it was just superficially. Even if the user never fought the individual they still gain knowledge of their techniques. From there user cross references their new knowledge of techniques with the knowledge gained of opponent. The user then discards everything that doesn’t give them the advantage over the opponent and then combines the rest into a unified whole.

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