Oneedless 004.enm needless v01 c04 p126

this is a variation of the Dai Yon Ha Dou that gives off thermal energy rather then absorb it. its ability is the skill to generate fire, from the users hands or body, however the user cannot breath fire. in places with no wind this technique triplicates it's explosive power.


Little Boy (L(・・・g・・)・EB(・{・[・C), Ritoru Booi): A short range technique. The user wreaths their fist in flame an attacks with it burning and striking the opponent.

Little Boy: Renzoku Touka (Little Boy: Continuous Bombardment): The user attack the enemy with Little Boy multiple times simultaenously.

Phlogiston Full Throttle: Little Boy (???????k (・t・・・M・X・g・・) ・t・・・X・・・b・・・g ・・・g・・・{・[・C (Explosive Burning Element Full Throttle: Little Boy / 'Furogisuton Furu Surottoru Ritoru Booi): An enhanced version of the original Little Boy. The user wreaths their fist with a great amount of fire an launches a powerful punch to the enemy.

'Vulcan Shock Ignition(V (・・・@・・・J・・)・ES(・V・・・N)・EI(・C・O・j・V・・・・), Varukan Shokku Igunishon): A long range technique. The user creates a giant fire ball with one hand and launches it to the enemy with devastating effects.

Kakedanko: Vulcan Shock Ignition (Nuclear Warhead: Vulcan Shock Ignition / Kakedanko: Varukan Shokku Igunishon): The user creates a huge fire ball with both hands and launches it to the enemy with a very higher power.

Vulcan Shock Little Boy (V (・・・@・・・J・・)・ES (・V・・・N)・EL (・・・g・・)・EB (・{・C), Varukan Shokku Ritoru Boi): After creating a Vulcan Shock Ignition, the user equips their hands with a Little Boy each one and the charges against the enemy striking the enemy with a powerful blow done with the speed of the Little Boy and the fire amount of the Vulcan Shock Ignition.

Tou Kou: Vulcan Shock Little Boy (????V (・・・@・・・J・・)・ES (・V・・・N)・EL(・・・g・・)・EB (・{・C), Special Attack: Vulcan Shock Little Boy, Tou Kou: Varukan Shokku Ritoru BoiIt's the same principle that of Vulcan Shock Little Boy. The difference is in that before doing this attack, user uses the original Dai Yon Haddou to absorb the energy from opponents attack with this he creates an extra large version of the Vulcan Shock Ignition, giving him an enourmous firepower.

Fat Man (Fatto man): User prepares a fire ball similar to Vulcan Shock Ignition and then launches a powerful "beam of fire", pretty similar to the Dai Yon Haddou technique.

Screw Trigger (Sukuryuu Torigaa): User kicks his opponent producing an explosion by impacting them.

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