Hougetsu Jigen-Tou
Akua Jigentou


Moon Crushing Dimensional Sword

The Hougetsu Jigen-Tou is a dangerous technique that should not be taken lightly.To use it, the user utilizes his or her hand by flattening it out with all fingers next to each other leaving no gaps between them. The hand is then used like a sword and is slashed towards the intended target. It allows the user to "postpone the dimension in which they exist" and enables them to go through all matter and create the "ultimate blade". The technique is like a saw, moving back and forth between dimensions, which means that it cannot cut if it cannot move.

Defensively, the Jigen-Tou can be used to postpone the dimension of the user's entire body, allowing them to pass through walls and nullify an enemy's attacks.

When a person is skilled enough with the Jigen-Tou, they can hit a target from long-range without the need to make contact.

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