Humanoid interface

Contactees of the bio-organics, created by meditative intelligence synthesis, which unifies this galaxy. They are capable of mimicking certain human functions (such as eating, bleeding, breathing, communicating, etc.). It should be noted that the two Humanoid Interfaces that have been given a great degree of prominence seem to have trouble with emotions. They were originally created to observe and communicate through language, which seems to be an ability that the Integrated Data Sentient Entity lacks. Due their nature as data life forms they possess the ability to manipulate data, allowing them to alter reality.


All human interfaces have the ability to alter environmental intelligence through spoken language.

anthropic principle

A type of sudden change in conceptualization. The idea is that because us humans exist and observe the world with the idea that it all began in space that's how it exists. On the contrary if humans didn't exist nothing could have acknowledged the existence of space. To put it simply because humans exist, space exists. So basically we're here because someone exists. To that someone this reality is nothing more than a dream. That person selfishly created a change in the universe like it was Childs play. An existence that can create a world to her own liking. Since the beginning of time to humans an existence such as this would be classified as god.

Matter Recreation

Data Altering

Spell Casting using computer coding

Cross-temporal synchronization

Physical healing (self and others)

Telepathy - It is the effect of the message within the commercial. Humans are capable of receiving visual symbols along with language. For example O in language means yes, correct but as a symbol it means, circle harmony, spread. X in a language means no, incorrect or x while as a symbol it means ban, denial or dispute. It is possible to receive subconscious commands if a more complex version is used. The scan lines in the film contained image elements with a compelling force.

Data jurisdiction - a space created by Humanoid Interfaces by altering the intelligence combination of some elements. It "overlaps" regular space, and if regular space outside can be seen, it appears to be "frozen"., nothing can enter and leave once the space has been created, and is completely under the Humanoid Interfaces intelligence control. If the space is damaged somehow then an IDSE interface is required to repair it afterward. The space need not be repaired by the interface which created it.

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