None (official DAPC "mascot" or "pet")


Ripping up everything that he feels like ripping up

Combat Ability

Lethal. Hunter has shown unusual proficiency against all types of military targets, including heavy armor. Seemingly inproportional strength, mind-boggling agility, and an armored steel-like carapace all make Hunter a wickedly lethal death machine.




Blood red


Chasing cars, and then devouring them. Tearing apart large hunks of metal or other hard materials. Also enjoys eating people that his masters take a disliking to.

Nobody knows exactly where Hunter came from, or what his intentions are (if, in fact, the creature has any), but most people are more than willing to back off and leave the lost zergling to his own devices. In the same way that Slimer hung around the Ghostbusters, Hunter makes his home among the DAPC squad members, playing with them, working with them, tearing up their stuff, and devouring their enemies. Though unmistakably touchy and violent, Hunter is inexplicably loyal to his masters, particularly Sakura.

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