Igov Yuchtzky


Field Commander, Head Armor Developer and Ballistics Engineer


The Red Death

Combat Ability

Cybernetic augments allow for titanic strength, while weapon modules on his arms provide excellent ranged firepower that can shatter conventional troops with ease. Armor implants make Igov impervious to conventional small arms, and he also possesses significant combat and tactical experience that makes him that much more lethal on the battlefield.





A rogue military general that fled to Japan from Russia, Igov is an enigma to most that meet him. Besides the obvious questions that arise from the heavy cybernetic augmentation of his body, his motives are vague in their reasoning and obscure in their origins. He seeks out war, and has thus come to Japan to assist the Freedom's Angels in their battle. He is a master of armor and weapons design, and spent many years of his life trapped in Russia planning montrous war machines. Having lost his wife to the Russian government, he feels no pity for the political hierarchy that looks down upon the people of Japan, and has gladly donated his formidable abilities to the FA's cause.

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