Ikue Hibiki


No Need for Destiny






Michio Kuramitsu (lover)

Ryoga Hibiki (son)

Ikue Hibiki is the lover of Michio Kuramitsu and mother of Ryoga Hibiki.


It is unknown when Michio and Ikue met but the two are very much in love with each other and were together for at least two years. He was the one who theorized that the Hibiki Curse allowed them to somehow teleport randomly over the planet, usually when their focus slipped. They never lost their position if they stayed focused or had someone with him—at least not to the point of seemingly jumping hundreds of kilometers. Sadly 18 years ago an odd sound gained Ikue’s attention for a moment and the next thing she  when she turned back to Michio she was in Europe coming out of an elevator in the Eiffel Tower.

Ikue quickly discovered that she was pregnant with Michio’s child. She found a house, made it into a home, cast spells to hide them from Mother, did what she could to inhibit their mutual curse and tried to raise him as much like a normal boy as she knew how. She even taught him the martial arts that she learned. The few times she manages to make it back home, she usually leaves Ryoga something to eat in the kitchen. She also sets traps in case of burglars. She also pretended to be Michio whenever they talked over the phone to make Ryoga think he had his father with him. Though they did have a lot of strange conversations such as when he told her he had a sister. He also once wrote her a letter claiming the Earth had been destroyed a few months ago and then was magically better.

Throughout all this time Ikue continued to search for Michio knowing that he was still out there, somewhere, looking both for her and a cure to the uncontrollable wandering of her clan. She thought she had found him it turned out she had found her way to Area 51 and it was in actuality an alien attempting to probe her. When they finally did find each other not only did he cure her but proposed to her as well. once she was sure it was him and not another alien Ikue informed him about Ryoga.

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