“I fought all the opponents that I’d faced before. And all these techniques I never got to use kept popping up into my head. Thanks to that, I could focus on how to do various techniques.”

This is an incredibly complex technique that can take decades to master. It teaches martial arts in a deep state of meditation (developed by trapped women to free themselves). Training for the technique begins by first having the master feed their ki into the pupils’ body until they can endure no more. When the pupil feels enough ki( when their meridians are topped off) has accumulated they can begin the distribution technique. This sends out the ki to all parts of their body, so that they can feel it pulsing in their ki channels. Effectively this fuses the master’s ki with the pupil's inner ki. Eventually after repeated use of the first step the pupil will feel the ki pulsing throughout their body this is when they can begin the next step of the training. The illusions the pupil creates are by their memory and once created they will start their training by fighting against those memories. This is difficult at first but as they practice the trainees’ body will instinctively begin to learn the moves. Enabling them to not only gain skill and strength but experience as well. Eventually the trainee learns to gather ki themselves thus allowing them to defend themselves using the ki and energy of their surroundings rather than their body.



A natural by product of the ability to defend oneself using the energy around you is the ability to sense that energy. With training masters of the incarnate illusion state will be able to refine this ability allowing tread the flow of that energy, there by becoming not only able to commune with nature and understanding their surroundings, but sense the presence and movements of the people and animals around them as well by reading the pulse of ki with in their bodies.

  • Oboeta (覚えた, Memorized): This is an extremely difficult technique to learn that allows user to memorize and then learn techniques they have witnessed them. This is accomplished through ki synchronization where user matches their spiritual wavelength precisely with that of the opponents then after experiencing the technique in its entirety user comprehend how it works by experiencing how the ki was manipulated to perform the technique. The time required to copy a technique depends both on users skill in reading and manipulating the flow of energy and the complexity of the technique itself. In addition the new technique doesn’t become an innate skill user will have to train to refine and master it completely.

  • Ingaouhou (因果応報, Retributive Justice): This technique is an ability which nullifies an opponent's attack by hitting it with the same attack.

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