Indara jael genma-ryuu

indara snake shadows illusion and evil style

The style of the miyamato clan is fast, flowing, and precise. It relies more on perception, adaptation, and efficiency than on raw power or fancy moves. The fluid grace with which movements are made and the precise training to enable the user to move in unexpected ways creates the illusion that the user is untouchable. When a strike is aimed at where the user is he/she is already moved on, when one tries to predict where they will go they find that they are wrong. At higher levels the user seems to be struck as the enemy strikes only to find that their eyes have been tricked into thinking the user was still there by the sudden and almost unpredictable movement. The style is all about efficiency and skill over raw power.

Snake shadow tools of darkness

Secret traditional clan weapons used in various methods of assassination. The members of the miyamato clan have mastered the use of these weapons to strike down their foe. They come in various shapes and sizes, with uses ranging from slashing targets to confusing enemies. The true limit of their strength is mutable and unknown.

Indara genma ryuu secret art compendium

Crescent slice

A single bladed long distance slashing attack a crescent shaped shock wave is created with a perfectly straight swipe from the katana. While it is simply compressed wind pressure, its strength can tear up the ground and crush enemies.

Double kill madara slice

A double bladed close-range slashing attack. This quick simultaneous slash from two swords will mow down any foe within striking distance. If attempted at a distance its slow speed results in an interval of several seconds between the release of the attack and its devastating arrival on the targets flesh.

Indara genma ryuu elixir compendium

Muscle enhancer

A quaffable nostrum that dramatically increases strength corrodes mental control and leads to insanity. Its effects will wear off after the imbiber receives a strong physical or mental shock. These negative circumstances can be mitigated through careful monitoring of its potency.

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