A series of training techniques designed to improve the maintenance and solidity of ones ki attacks and aura extensions. The trick to is to regulate the flow out and flow in. Even with a very tightly packed ki attack, it'll still use the same basic interlace as your battle aura.

The point of this exercise is to make other parts of the body accustomed to loading and holding a ki blast. Once part of your body had 'learned' what it is like to have a large weight of ki building on top of it, like we usually do with our hands, it makes it easier to produce the ki there in the first place.

Mastering this training allows one to attack at unusual angles. You wouldn't make any long distance attacks with these. But that becomes less of a problem in the short and medium ranges. It also allows you to attack from multiple angle, if your hands are busy, if your holding a weapon or if you’re up close.

Power is great, but so is the ability to be unpredictable and to attack from any angle. If you don't know, if you can't anticipate, where an attack will come from, how can you defend against it.

Weight Training Edit

When you put physical pressure on a ki attack, it loses coherence. It either explodes or it pushes into the target and mushrooms. To keep your ki 'solid' like this, you need to regulate the energy so it goes in, then out, then in, then out. Usually, it just goes out. This causes the ki attack to both expand and contract very quickly and by a very small amount.

In weight training the trainee flexes their arms, and falls forward. Before they hit the ground the trainee unleashes a small spark of ki stopping their fall. The aim is to keep the ball of ki coherent despite constantly holding up the trainee’s body weight.

This can also be used on dead weights. The idea being to push them, not with one big blast but with a sustained application of force.

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