Hibana Inyō
Through heavy concentration for an extended time period, skilled Onmyoji can "awake" closed off portions of their soul, entering a state addressed as Inyō Mode (
陰陽モード, Inyō Mōdo; literally. "state of cosmic dual forces"). Their energy from then creeps outward at a rapid rate, creating a rejection field that negates all other kinds of energy, including spiritual, kinetic energy and even time. This creates a time dilation field, thereby reducing the speed of any target that comes near the Onmyoji and making their efforts at attacking them useless, and thus creating sufficient enough time to counter them, as well as granting the user incredible speed. The mode can also carry a physical change, apparently.

This technique also renders any energy-based attack that comes near the user useless, as the energy itself is forced back. Because the energy repels any other energy, users cannot use any alternate sort, such as natural. This technique also has a drawback that it repels light to some extent, rendering any users blind. Besides this, the technique puts a severe strain on the user and cannot be used for prolonged periods. Thus, when this technique is used to long, it will result in the user's demise. While the user's eyes are generally closed during Inyō mode due the lack of sight anyway, it's revealed that they take a rippled, rainbow-like pattern when opened.

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