Iron Clock


鉄 クロック


Tetsu Kurokku

Parent technique

Flame road



There is a phenomenon known as over rev. human eyes capture objects at the incredible speed of 300 frames per second that is .003 seconds and send the information to the brain. In reality though since the brain must give directions while processing the enormous amounts of information, it can only perceive about 80 frames per second. however in certain kinds of intense situations or if a threat upon its life comes close the brain shuts out all information other than from the sense of vision and processes all of its 300 frames. in other words like a revolving lantern this is the true character of the system where an instant feels like 10 seconds or even a minute long. However a human's body is unable to keep up with this accelerated processing in that stage it feels as if ones limbs have frozen as if time has stopped.

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