Iron Cloth




Tetsu Nuno

Cloth manipulation was a cornerstone of the Hibiki Family Martial Arts, and that includes a thorough introduction and mastery of Rhythmic Gymnastics. Is the foundation for the Iron Cloth Technique, after all. Most can not think beyond the first two levels of that aspect of the Art. Rhythmic Gymnastics is a style of weapon mastery, evolving out of ancient ninja arts, whereby anything could be used as a weapon. It is a training exercise for the third step: thinking of clothing itself as a weapon, and not just a means to obtain one.

The Tetsununo is a technique which infuses Ki into material objects (usually to be used as weapons), enhancing the object's physical properties beyond its normal abilities and tolerances. There are five ways in which this technique may enhance an object. They are usually used in conjunction with each other.

  • The first hardens and stiffens a normally soft or pliable object, such as cloth or paper, and make it as hard as, if not harder than, steel. The objects retain their hardened properties for sometime after leaving the hand.
  • The second makes an object tougher, more difficult to damage. It makes cloth and paper impenetrable by ordinary means, strings and ropes uncuttable in the normal manner, wood less prone to breakage when subjected to the extreme stresses that are put on it by a ki-adept.
  • The third enhances the cutting properties present in an object, like a knife or similar object. It also gives an object with a normally blunt edge, such as the aforementioned cloth or paper, a cutting edge. The object also retains its cutting properties well after leaving the hand.
  • The fourth imparts to an object increased power, or kinetic energy, when striking, to deal increased damage. This is usually used on staves, umbrellas, mallets or other similar blunt objects. If a way can be found for an object to retain the extra kinetic energy, this may also be used on bullets and other thrown objects.
  • The fifth makes an object behave in ways that it, normally, simply could not. An example would be a gymnastics ribbon wrapping itself around another object and sending it towards an opponent, acting like a limb extension.


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