This is a Quake technique created by Ryoga by combining the principles of the style with the breathing method of Ryukei Qigong. Instead of absorbing a surplus of hot chi for strength it absorbs the Metal element in the atmosphere causing Ryoga’s cell membranes to become "armored". Titatnium seems to be the most substantial element used as it is recognized for its high strength-to-weight ratio, which means its use throughout the body of user does not affect their weight drastically. It is a strong metal that has excellent malleability without shattering. The absorbed minerals leads to faster protein synthesis due to conductivity within the cell and increased excitability in electron transport function, as well as energy released. They are also directly attributed to an enhanced muscular system, causing the body to no longer generate fatigue poisons. Rather, the body constantly expels waste products during its accelerated respiration through exhalation. The cardiovascular and respiratory systems become many times more efficient than those of a normal human being. The metallic minerals also increase the tensile strength of the tendons and bones. The process is virtually instantaneous. The technique can be used to partially strengthen the density of selected parts of the body during battle, or the effect can be extended to its entirety. While in the armored state, user possesses the same degree of mobility that they do in their normal form.

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