Issengawa Takedou
Issengawa Takedou




Thousand Rivers Mountain Flow

The first and most basic defensive technique of the Hiryū Kōrin Ryū. This technique allows for the practitioner to transfer the power and damage of an incoming attack and disperse it elsewhere leaving the user relatively unharmed. The technique requires the user to enter a stance. They begin by placing their right hand vertically in front of their face, and then place their left hand horizontally against the right. They make sure to place their feet firmly on the ground to keep their balance against the enemy's force of impact. Then, by following a similar principle as Transference, the practitioner captures, and stores the collected energies of an opposing attack, and using their own body as a medium is able to transfer the force of impact, but it must travel through another solid medium, in most cases, the ground or the earth beneath them. This is due in part to the speed necessary to achieve such a feat, and the inherent danger in releasing it from the body, which could erode or destroy it. Users that have extensive experience in this technique can enter the stance faster than beginners and even use it from different angles.

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