Ranma’s ability to run up vertical things like powerline poles or horizontally on walls is due to his ability to use his ki to control the flux of inter-atomic attraction (electrostatic force) between molecular boundary layers, allowing him to form temporary molecular bonds between his body and another object as he manipulates the inter-atomic binding forces of matter. Ranma frequently tries to escape distressing situations this way, to spy on people, and while sneak attacking — and he can cling to even a smooth, painted wooden surface. Once he even did a blanket cling when trying to hide from his mother as she pulled off the covers from his futon. Through experimentation Ranma has learned to an immense amount of friction by generating and subsequently storing a collective entity ok ki on the palm in a distinctive visible aura emulating an anti-tank grenade. Because of munroe effect when the energy detonates it accumulates in the center of the palm before the intense heat produced by the fiction disperses in an almost explosive manner, instantaneously incinerating the majority of objects in the immediate vicinity of the attack's trajectory.

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