Jibun dake no Genjitsu




Reality of Oneself

Personal Reality is the term used to refer to the reality created by practitioners of Kabukiza and replace normal reality.[1] As the name states, it is a type of reality that is unique for each individual, and is the very foundation of the style,[2] specifically, it is the source from which all powers and phenomena are brought into the real world.[3] Children are able to synchronize better which is why practitioners are usually trained since birth.


Concepts and TheoriesEdit

The concept of Personal Reality is related to quantum theory. It allows the user to utterly ignore the Uncertainty Principle, and with regards to the Schrödinger's cat thought experiment, would allow them to choose the possibility they want, or more specifically, distort a micro world using different laws,[4], or more accurately, control their microscopic observations of the world.[5] This is in contrast with holism, which is based on major changes in the whole "system", the macroscopic world, to create a microscopic effect.[5] Essentially Kabukiza has the power to cause distortion within the world and when that rift reaches a certain limit, history and time itself can be altered. This will bring about catastrophic changes to reality itself. Some call gaining a Personal Reality, "cut off from proper reality that differs from ours."[4] While others refer to it as delusions, preconceptions, or the ability to believe,[2] assuming if this is so, one's powers grow if they strongly believe they will.


It is presumed that all humans have their own, normal reality which Personal Reality allows one to achieve through a meditation state called Kyuukyou Shouten: (きゅうきょう, lit. Ultimate Ascension) which takes years of training to master. However recently Martial Arts Theater have been experimenting with the use of drugs, hypnosis, and sensory deprivation techniques referred to as the Ganzfeld Experiment.[4]

Uses and FunctionsEdit

By creating a pocket dimension, user is able to cause the surrounding area to gain a similar appearance to that of a stage in theatre. It strength is correlated with the user's calculating ability. On this stage, everything becomes a play, where user makes the story and the rules that must be followed. While on this stage, everyone that has been in range gains a part in the play and must adhere to the role they are given even if it means death. As the "hero" in the play, user cannot be defeated by anyone other than an outside force or by a role that has a greater importance than them. The longer everyone is on stage, the stronger user becomes due to their role as the "hero" granting them an increase in strength over time. Once trapped on this stage, the opponent cannot use ki or brute strength in order to escape, nor can they escape by not knowing the story. Instead, the play will carry on with the actors ad-libbing their lines, but their fates will still be tied to the fate of the character they portray. User is also able to access various parts of different stories and pull out different parts to assist and aid them. in battle.


If user’s will is deterred or overcome, their Personal Reality can either lose its strength or become unusable.

The values a person inputs or sets into their Personal Reality can affect the abilities produced, and can acquire a clearance to a "new control area,"[9] which, could mean a new form of one's power. What's more, if user becomes traumatized or incredibly stressed, they may lose control of themselves and are then unable to view reality properly,[4] which would lead to the RSPK Syndrome.[14]

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