Jigoku no Akutaiyou (地獄の悪太陽, lit. "Hell's Evil Sun"): The divine might of heaven itself, will unleash its wrath upon those who dare stand against its awesome power, when this evil sun is lit, all that will remain when its light dies is total annihilation. Kurumi disperses a large amount of energy into the atmosphere above her, energy colliding against energy causing it to split in release tremendous amounts of raw heat and power. This fission of energy eventually generates a massive cornera of molten energy as it rapidly expands forming a small nova of ultimate power. Kurumi need only gesture in the general direction, to send the hulking mass of condensed heat to its target, upon which it will detonate on impact releasing a massive wave of energy that radiates outward in a bright golden-yellow dome extending in all directions, swallowing and disintegrating all things within it.

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