• Kirokusaisei (記録再生, Japanese for "Record and Playback"): a spell that allows the Onmyoji to view what has once transpired by intricately casting a customized Jikanteishi spell and working in reverse; silhouettes will then appear in the area like phantasms and show what did transpire, albeit they are incapable of altering anything of that it does prove useful for a variety of purposes, such as information gathering and such.

  • Jinsoku Teichō (迅速低調, Fast - Slow): A spell that, while very complicated requires only a tiny bit of energy to cast; and unlike Mateishi it doesn't require the Onmyoji to maintain a pose, and after the spell is cast it works for a short duration; usually only enough to impede and restrict a single attack, or if they expends a bit more energy in order to extent its duration, three: The spell works by slowing the flow of time around the opponent, or alternatively hastening up the time around an ally, which enables the caster to slow down techniques and spells, movements and assaults, and even extending "charge times" substantially while alternatively hastening the speed of movements, technique usage and speed and even physical assaults. Further attributing to the great versatility of the spell.

  • Mateishi (間停止, Lit. Japanese for "Time Suspension"): An incredibly complicated spell that works as a "selective" form of Jikanteishi; while very hard to master it requires much less energy than the original spell: The spell works by the caster raising their palm towards the target; and upon activating the spell it will effectively "freeze" the time around the target, or targets. Due to its heavily dilated power it cannot be used to restrict those with Spiritual Power and is thus only really effective to stop attacks, albeit it does a splendid job of such: this spell can be used to "hold" up to four objects at once - though if the caster lowers their channeling hand the spell will be broken immediately, the hand "holding" the objects grows with a distinctive white, almost blurry nimbus of energy.

  • Sakashima (倒しま, Lit. Japanese for "Inversion"): Is an incredibly powerful spell that is cast by first using Jikanteishi and then using the spell to effectively work backwards in time up to a maximum of 15 seconds, it demands tremendous amounts of willpower and should be only used when one is certain they can control it as were they to lose control for even a split second they'd be "ripped apart by the temporal and chronological currents of their own spell" which will have unknown consequences, but they'd undouptly be negative, both to the caster and everyone who are around as they cast the spell.

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