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This technique creates a gigantic, humanoid being that surrounds the user. The user's body is strained while using titan because it consumes a large amount of their ki. It has been described as feeling pain in every cell in the body which only grows from prolonged use.[3] Titan is formed through the materialization of the user's ki and as such differs in appearance as well as color between users. Each version goes through several developmental stages as the user advances their control over it. In its earliest form, users can only manifest some of their skeleton. A ribcage is generally produced first which, while providing a good defense, can still be fractured, or even melted.[7] An arm is sometimes connected to this ribcage, which can then be used to interact with the surroundings.[8]

As users gain additional control, musculature and skin begins to appear atop of these bones, which progressively complete the full skeletal structure. It is only when Titan's growth is fully matured and thus, the user is completely surrounded, are the vulnerabilities of the skeletal form finally eliminated. The user can also change the size of it to fit the current situation.[10] Eventually, Titan develops into a complete form, where its skin, armor and final arsenal of weapons are manifested in their entirety. When the user employs their complete Titan form, their muscles bulge in size, with prominent veins becoming visible.[2] In addition, it can also be employed on selective parts of the user's body, elongating them and making it look like the user possesses elastic properties of sort, coming in as a very versatile technique.

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