Joji Saiga
Saiga 2



Date of Birth

March 11



Blood Type




Clinical psychology professor

Joji Saiga is a professor in criminology and social psychology who is also an expert in criminal profiling.

Personality Edit

Saiga is a very sharp man, able to learn facts about people through small details of what they do and how they respond to their surroundings. He is very knowledgeable, and enjoys doing research and quoting famous people. He doesn't sugercoat things and is quick to point out that there are situations don't need to be resolved systematically. However despite the fact he has a sour expression often, he is always willing to help and gives his advice to anyone who comes to him.

History Edit

A former professor in criminology and social psychology who is also an expert in criminal profiling. He agrees to teach Ranma, Ryu, Natsume, and Kurumi in a crash course on profiling. He later joined the SNDF as an analyst.


  • Joji convinces Ranma that to gain power he must seek intelligence as well as strength. This will cause Ranma to begin acting more like his mangacounterpart.
  • Based of a character of the same name from Psycho-Pass

Quotes Edit

Joji: It is hard to believe our parents would ever abuse our trust, but we cannot let mistakes of the past hamper our progress into the future. Despite all the training and abilities you have, you’ve neglected what many consider the most important muscle. As such, you have a weakness that any could exploit.

Ranma: A muscle I ain’t been using? What is it?

Joji: Your brain.

Ranma: That’s a muscle?

Joji: In a manner of speaking, as you work it out, it gets stronger. Like the fact you can have muscle memory, the same is especially true for your brain.

Ranma: So, if I made myself smarter...

Joji: Then you would be able to fight with both brawn and brains. Many scholars agree that a warrior with those is a perfect warrior.

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