Jouya Kanou
Jyouya Kanou 5


Martial Arts Theater Arc


Martial Arts Theater

Other Names

Mōraten, Raven



Jouya Kanou is a fictional character in the fanfic Minkei.

He's the current Mōraten of the Hirenkyaku style who admires the current Ikōru Nashi Kanzaki Kaori.

Background Edit

Jouya seems to share a special bond with Haruko Kiseki who he shares a sort of brother sister type relationship. During a previous confrontation, he receives a scar on his right eye.

History Edit

Jouya Kanou the current Mōraten of Hirenkyaku along with the other leaders of the five factions were sent to kill the SNDF for dishonoring the Martial Arts Theater school.

Abilities Edit

As Mōraten of the Hirenkyaku Jouya is highly skilled in the use of the style and easily on of the fastest of the current leaders. While preferring to fight at mid to long-range to make full use of his Hirenkyaku, Jouya is also a highly capable close-range fighter. He mostly uses his two fans to have a hand-on-hand combat.

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