June Kitinski






Sorceress/Commando (Rank: General)


Lawful Neutral


Power, order, obedience, formality, tea


Non-humans, disobedience, trickery, beer


None, June relies entirely on her subordinates and her own formidle magic powers

Fighting Style

Though given advanced hand-to-hand training, it's doubtlessly fallen into disuse

Combat Abilities

On par with many demi-gods, General Kitinski is the most powerful magi-soldier ever produced by Israel. Capable of drawing and using nearly limitless quantities of mana with incomparable ease, she can devestate towns and castles within minutes, annihilating everything within. At close range or against an unseen foe she is vulnerable, however


Spell Programs (emphasis: Light): June specializes in the light element, which deals with force manipulation, shields, and disintegration, as well as flares and illusions at lower levels. June's spells tend to be of the higher level sort that deal with the annhiliation of large stretches of land and the relentless battering of opponents. She is ranked at level five for magic power among the magi soldiers, the highest power rating ever attained.

Like Colonel Molsk, General June Kitinski also fought alongside Ranma during the Death March, but unlike the ice sorceress, June developed a persisting grudge against the mercenary rather than a powerful attraction. Ruthless, haughty, powerhungry, and cold, June fits in fairly well among the higher ranks of the military, though she commands a great deal of personal power as well as her own army. Although she's obviously prejudiced against non-humans and holds a petty grudge against Ranma, for the most part she's able to professionally distance herself from her personal issues when dealing with these things. Although most find her unapproachable and frightening, Kaze Toren (with the aid of his psychic powers, no doubt) saw a lonely woman underneath the trappings of power and ceremony, and they maintain a relationship rather similar to Ranma and Karen's.

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