Junko Chikiko




Light combat support, Squad therapist, Psychology/Social expert, Squad cheerleader

Combat Ability

Weak. Can fire a pistol as well as any random person, but is hesitant and uneasy in combat situations. While she does what she's told and doesn't get in the way, Junko cannot be relied upon to find her own way through a battlefield.





Personal Motto

"Make love, not war!"

The most unobtrusive and "street-wise" of the DAPC cadets, Junko prefers to stay out of the business end of policework when she can. Ever the gossiper and party girl, she was the most pleased to hear that the DAPC gave officers free reign over HQ on Wednesdays and Thursdays. She considers it her duty to both keep the morale of the men high, and to meddle in any social affairs that she can, often giving advice to those involved and then watching in amusement from the sidelines. The apparent love polygon surrounding Ranma interests her in particular.

Akina ChikikoEdit

 "Emotions are an illusion; sensation is a reality."

The dark side of Junko's haphazardly manipulated psyche, Akina is the name Junko Chikiko took before being subjected to the harsh psychological and hypnotic procedure that stunted her psychic abilities and aggressive tendencies. Since then those abilities, and the personality that formed around them were buried in the back of Junko's subconscious, surfacing erratically and infrequently over the girl's teenage years. Contrary to popular belief among those who've met her, Akina is not sadistic, and does recognize right from wrong. She doesn't particularly enjoy killing, but revels in the maelstrom of sensations that bombard her in those instances. There are other scenarios that cause the same sensation, but other than sex, she doesn't get to experience those nearly as much. Her ethics system is an awkward and immature combination of "good guy/bad guy" recognition and "eye for an eye plus escalation" judgment. If someone slaps her in the face, she'll punch them in the face. If someone takes the last cup of coffee without making more, she'll steal that cup of coffee. If someone tries to rape her... well, in that one instance, the thug survived, although he needed several months of therapy to recover mentally.

Unlike Junko, who can be easily referred to as a tramp, Akina is a true nymphomaniac, and consciously chooses to channel lust more often and more powerfully than any other emotion. Such is her desire for sex that whenever Junko recedes and Akina is brought forth, she literally refuses to withdraw until she's had intercourse. It's unknown why or if she chooses to withdraw at all, or how she feels about being constrained; quite simply, no one's ever asked.

Combat AbilityEdit

Extremely dangerous. Akina is a very powerful psychic who specializes in empathetic manipulation and short-range telekinesis. She is able to create small, precisely timed and measured "bursts" of telekinetic energy around her body to cushion incoming hits, increase her reflex and general speed, and increase the power of her attacks while cushioning her body against the reactionary shock. Her emphatic powers also allow her to paralyze most human opponents with fear, send them into an irrational frenzy with lust, or drive them berserk with rage. Fond of knives.

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