A legendary art that is said to be the source of all mystic power in the universe. Essentially, it is a way to focus the mind and acheive coordination with the body to do superhuman things. The movements of the style are capable of inducing a unique brand of hypnosis that involves suggesting actions and thoughts, and by focusing their power it appears as if the user can "see the future". There are nine levels of mastery in jurain combat, Each different level supposedly symbolizes a different form of power.

The strength of mind and body.

The direction and focus of energy.

Harmony with the universe healing self and others.


knowing the thoughts of others

mastery of time and space.

Control of the elements of nature, and finally


Of course, this is simply the concept off which Jurain combat exists. In fact the sword is conduit for the power of the mind and body. With mastery of Jurai Royal Family Sword Forms, one can focus the iron discipline of the mind into the sword and transcend standard concepts of combat, becoming, in essence, a spirit of combat.

At first glance, Jurai Sword Forms seems like a standard Kenjutsu style. There is altogether nothing special about the stance--legs are spread, about shoulder-width, though running perpendicular to the body itself, right foot in front and left foot in back. The katana is held, drawn, gripped with both hands, in front of the user, running parallel to the right leg and pointed towards the enemy. Indeed, the stance almost appears to be that of a novice kenjutsu user. Woe betide to the person who assumes such.

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