640px-Ten Evil Suns
Juuakuyou (十悪陽, lit. "Ten Evil Suns"): A technique prized for its range and versatility, Kurumi releases a burst of ki which then condenses into a number of small molten flame-like orbs which are then sent hurtling towards an opponent. Each orb upon impacts detonates into a fiery explosion, allowing her to cause a wide area of damage on a controlled scale, or deal massive amounts of damage on a single target or area. She is able to will them into existence, but has demonstrated that by utilizing his hand to hand techniques, can simply release these missiles of flame along with her actual attacks. She can change the shape of her Ten Evil Suns through the method of her attacks, linear attacks form the standard fire missiles, but sweeping circular movements create large rings and arcs of flame to decimate her foes.

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