Juubei Kakei (筧十兵衛 Kakei Jūbei) is a fictional character in the fanfic Minkei.

Person Edit

The heir to a clan that has served the Fuuchouins since time immemorial, he and Kazuki Fuuchouin were childhood friends.

His family house was destroyed, and his family killed, in a mysterious fire when Kazuki was in his early teens (which was revealed to be an attack by an enemy clan, who uses black strings); he subsequently fled with Juubei and Sakura Kakei, where he led a gang known as 'Fuuga' (風雅 Fūga, translation: 'Elegance'). Juubei lost his eyesight protecting Kazuki when the Ura-Fuuchouin attacked the Omote Fuuchouin he later acted as the second post under Kazuki in the legendary gang, Fuuga. When Kazuki became an Annaiya, Juubei became his Mamoriya. The ambiguity about the two being lovers will be kept. Juubei is also protective of his older sister, Sakura and will come to her defense if she is threatened.

An impossibly serious person (his language often reminds the characters of Kuno as he speaks like a samurai of feudal Japan), Juubei often cannot understand the jokes made by others.

Abilities Edit

Steel arms
Juubei is

sometimes called "Tobari no Juubei" ("Juubei of the Flying Needles”), because he fights using long needles. He is also skilled in acupuncture, Shinjutsu (or needle techniques) and understands the flow of chi, for these skills were passed down in his family. By inserting needles into the right pressure points he can turn his arms into steel to protect himself from attacks. Juubei can sense ki over long distances, well out of the sensing range of other warriors, and he can sense faraway emotions and movements as if up close. Blindness only increases his power to the point where he "sees" more than those with healthy eyes. He can even sense the ki of warriors who have masked their energy.

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